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Custom Dome Dangle solid Sterling Silver Earrings - ONLY ONE MADE - Makes a fine handmade anniversary gift, gift for wife or gift for mom.


Sterling Silver, .925

Custom Dome Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings
Earrings are handmade from sterling silver wire and plate and put on sterling silver french ear wires with bead.

Earring Details:
• 15/16" or 24mm wide
• 1 6/16" or 36mm tall - with french wires 2" or 50mm tall

The back of earrings stamped "STER".
All earring seams are Silver soldered.
French/Ear wire connection is not soldered.

Packaging: Earrings comes in a hunter green suede pouch with tassels and is placed in a white gift box with natural shredded packing material.

Care: Best cleaned with a jewelry cloth (included!). Jewelry comes untreated with NO chemicals to prevent tarnishing, this is to avoid skin irritations. We encourage you find a silver polish that is safe for your skin type to keep your jewelry shining longer. Tarnish will happened naturally over time and can be accelerated by humidity(h2o), perfumes, colognes, skin creams or even sometimes ones own PH balance. But actually your skins natural oils can help keep your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing faster. So be sure to wear your jewelry often and when your not be sure to store it in your free suede pouch to reduce oxygen exposure.


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