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Love Angel Earrings in solid Sterling Silver - Fine anniversary gift, gift for her, angel gift and girlfriend gift!


Sterling Silver, .925

Fine anniversary gift, gift for her, wedding gift or girlfriend gift! The Love Angel Earrings are made of solid Sterling Silver and a part of the Love Angel jewelry series conceptualized in 1992 to bring a new look to a very personal and popular genre of jewelry. Many different styles of angel jewelry can be found out there, but mostly seem to be based off of the same cherub style angel or in a stamped medallion form. After many prototypes, a final design was chosen, believed to capture the strength and spirit of the angels, and at the same time expressing the love we have of them in a very personal and subtle way. The Love Angel design received a US patent in 2004 and has been sold online in 14k gold for 16 years at and has made its way over to 3EI Designs Jewelry Line and now offered in solid sterling silver! An amazing gift for that special angel in your life.

Earring Details: Cast Solid Sterling Silver
• 6/16" or 10mm tall
• 5/16" or 9mm wide

Back Details: Large, Medium Friction

Quality: Fine Jewelry "meaning materials & craftsmanship, not size or weight"

Material: Sterling Silver "solid", .925

Assembly: All silver soldered connections, silver soldered jump rings and assembly is performed in house.

Finish: High "mirror like" polish done by hand in house.

Markings: Back is stamped "STER"


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